If you want to know what capitalism has done to us, look at Donald Trump.

He believes it’s a dog-eat-dog world and the Top Dog gets to eat all the other dogs unless they’re toadies. If they’re toadies, they remain until their usefulness is over. Then, they, too, are eaten.

Even the Top Dog’s young may be eaten unless they act like toadies. The young dogs behave like toadies until the Top Dog eventually dies, whereupon the young turn on each other until one Top Dog survives. This is the Trump legacy.

If George Washington represented the best of us, Donald Trump represents the worst. There was a sign I saw recently that said “Your Mistakes Do Not Define You.” It seems to me that it should say “Your Success Does Not Define You.” In America, money means success. If you have money, you are worthy. If you do not have money, you are unworthy. This is the tenet of unregulated capitalism. Donald Trump is the embodiment of capitalism and, one could argue, he is also the result.

So, America, take a look at yourself. He is what we have become.

Hope Hunt

North Platte

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