Five find the winner’s circle on Sunday at Dawson County Raceway

Jordan Grabouski, Jacob Olmstead, Mike Nichols, Jeff Ware and Terry Tritt all found the winner’s circle on Sunday at Dawson County Raceway in Lexington.

The IMCA Modified feature was won by Grabouski of Beatrice, who weaved through lap traffic en route to the finish line.

Grabouski started the feature on the outside of the fifth row, and methodically worked his way into contention, taking the lead on the 11th lap and then he never looking back.

Jacob Olmstead of Overton cruised to a convincing victory in the IMCA Northern Sport Modified feature.

Olmstead started the race on the inside of the fourth row and wasted no time finding traction on the bottom of the oval for victory.

One row back of Olmstead at the start was Tyler Andreasen of Grand Island, who made his way to the lead group in part by avoiding incidents. Andreasen remained among the lead group to earn a podium spot in second place.

Staying consistent throughout the feature event was Dillon Schultz of North Platte, who managed a third-place finish after starting in the fourth row.

Mike Nichols of Harlan, Iowa, claimed the IMCA Stock Car feature by slingshoting his way into contention in the early laps, then passing Gothenburg’s Jeff Whiting for the lead on the fifth lap. Cozad’s Cale Osborn managed a runner-up finish after starting in the sixth row.

In one of the most competitive races of the evening, the lead changed six times before Jeff Ware of Columbus won by the slimmest of margins in the IMCA Hobby Stock feature.

Ware started on the inside of the fifth row and exchanged the lead several times with second-place finisher Zach Olmstead of Overton.

Terry Tritt of York continued to flourish, winning his second straight IMCA Sport Compact feature at Dawson County Raceway.

Tritt started the feature event on the inside of the third row and was able to take the lead on the fourth lap and never relinquish it.

Rileigh Flohrs of Blue Hill started on the outside of the front row and was able to lead the first three laps before relinquishing his position to Tritt. Flohrs recovered quite nicely, staying near the back bumper of Tritt to be within striking distance for much of the feature.

Racing action returns to Dawson County Raceway on Sunday, with the green flag slated to drop at 6 p.m. Clayton Peterson Jr. will be the grand marshall for the evening. Peterson is a former Dawson County Raceway champion and Nebraska Auto Racing Hall of Fame inductee. Peterson will be joined by his racing team from 1979.

Unofficial results

IMCA Modified Feature: 1. 30-Jordan Grabouski; 2. 17j -Jeremy Frenier; 3. 50c-Colton Osborn; 4. 60iv-Anthony Roth; 5. 50-Scott Smith; 6. 97m-David Murray Jr; 7. 20b-Brandon Clough; 8. 19-Chuck Stryker; 9. 34jw-Cole Hodges; 10. 16j-Austin Svoboda.

Heat Races: 60iv-Roth; 255-Zach Schultz.

IMCA Northern Sport Modified Feature: 1. 88j-Jacob Olmstead; 2. 13t-Tyler Andreasen; 3. 554-Dillon Schultz; 4. 97-David Johnson; 5. 16j-Justin Svoboda; 6. 15k-Jamey Kennicutt; 7. 59-Tyler Rajdl; 8. 63-Troy Bayne; 9. 69-Adam Kackmeister; 10. 8-Andrew Rayburn.

Heat Races: 97-Johnson; 16j-Svoboda.

IMCA Stock Car Feature: 1. 63-Mike Nichols; 2. 6c-Cale Osborn; 3. 54p-Kyle Pfiefer; 4. 10a-Austin Brauner; 5. 30-Jordan Grabouski; 6. 11k-Kyle Clough; 7. 71-Andrew Dillenburg; 8. 16w-Jeff Whiting; 9. 77-Jed Williams; 10. 2x-Travis Kernick.

Heat Races: 16w-Whiting; 54p-Pfiefer; 11k-Clough.

IMCA Hobby Stock Feature: 1. 83-Jeff Ware; 2. 98z-Zach Olmstead; 3. 2w-Luke Wassom; 4. 14jr-Tyler Barribo; 5. 72b-Jacob Hagan; 6. 5m-Frank Mladek; 7. 7d7-David Norquest; 8. 03-Josh Lester; 9. 5-Chuck Ledbetter; 10. 68-Bob Potter.

Heat Races: 2w-Wassom; 14jr-Barribo; 83-Jeff Ware.

IMCA Sport Compact Feature: 1. 5x-Terry Tritt; 2. 14r-Rileigh Flohrs; 3. 26-Marcus Florom; 4. 07-Merle Johnson; 5. 74-Robert Clanton; 6. 48j-Holly Beaslin; 7. 85-Justin Smallcomb.

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