St. Pat's hires alum Maddy Krebs to take over volleyball program

St. Pat’s has hired Maddy Krebs to coach volleyball.

Maddy Krebs considered applying for the vacant volleyball coaching job at St. Patrick’s High School last year. Colleagues had seen the opening and reached out to Krebs, thinking she would be good at it and would love it.

Krebs was already a club volleyball coach in North Platte since 2009, so it seemed like the next step would be to coach at the high school level. At the time, she felt she wasn’t ready for it.

She has two small kids at home. The timing just wasn’t right.

“I kept telling Super-intendent Kevin Dodson, ‘If it was just one more year, I would do it,’” Krebs said. “‘I would be gung ho.’”

One year later, St. Pat’s was looking for another volleyball coach. It was time to see if that “one more year” line Krebs kept repeating actually meant something. She took it as a sign to go ahead and take this opportunity.

“God was trying to tell me, ‘I gave you a year. Time to apply,’” she said. “I told Dodson, “I’m ready to apply if you want me.’ And they did.”

The club coach, once a player at St. Pat’s, is now running the high school team. The school announced the hiring on Wednesday.

Krebs graduated in 2008 before playing volleyball at North Platte Community College and Peru State. Since then, she has worked with kids ranging from third grade to 16 and 17 year olds.

Krebs said she takes pride in how much energy she has when it comes to volleyball, especially as a coach.

“I’m one of those coaches that you’re not going to see sitting on the sidelines very often,” Krebs said. “I’m kind of that stand-up coach, always encouraging. I can’t help myself from celebrating good plays. I pride myself on my energy and I think the girls always feed off of that.”

Krebs said one of the biggest challenges for her this first season is running an entire program for the first time. She said she needs to figure out how to find a balance between the weight room, conditioning and practice.

“That’ll be a challenge for me just because I’ve never done it,” Krebs said. “But I never choose to do something if I can’t go 100% into it. So I’m committed to it. I’m ready to challenge myself and challenge my players.”

She said she isn’t sure yet how she is going to meet her players because she can’t physically be with them until June 1. Even so, there still might be a 10-person limit on social gatherings, which would make it impossible for the team to meet in full at the start. Krebs said it’s her main goal to introduce herself to the team so they can start getting comfortable around her, even if it has to be through Zoom.

“I want these girls to meet me and start building that relationship,” she said. “Have parents meet me so they know how to contact me and things like that.”

Krebs said St. Pat’s is a really big part of her life and having the chance to coach at the place she played is a cool thing. She is also involved in the church there and some of the teachers who taught her while she was in high school are still at the school. Some of them even reached out once she got the coaching job to congratulate her and tell her how proud they were.

“It’s a really surreal feeling being able to go back in there and be around some of those same teachers and mentors that I’ve had my whole life since high school,” Krebs said.

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