MNAC, SPVA announce high school volleyball postseason all-conference teams

Listed below are the postseason high school volleyball all-conference teams for the South Platte Valley Association Conference and the Mid-Nebraska Activities Conference. These teams were voted on by coaches from each respective conference.


First team

Player, school, grade

Mallie McNair, Chase County, senior

Sophie Spady, Chase County, senior

Ashley Bubak, Chase County, senior

Tahlia Steinbeck, Hershey, freshman

Brooke McClellen, St. Pat’s, senior

Payton Hoatson, Sutherland, senior


Second team

Ruthie Loomis-Goltl, Bridgeport, freshman

Delaney Love, Hershey, junior

Jenna Greenwood, Kimball, senior

Rachel Heiss, St. Pat’s, junior

Jayla Fleck, St. Pat’s, sophomore

Janeé Elfeldt, Sutherland, senior


Honorable mention

Natalie Keenan-Vergil, Bridgeport, sophomore

Bella Fraizer, Perkins County, senior

Dani Burge, Perkins County, junior

Faith Stewart, Sutherland, sophomore



First team

Jessie Sallach, South Loup, senior

Jadeyn Bubak, South Loup, junior

Samantha Moore, Mullen, junior

Elizabeth Sitorius-Johnson, Brady, senior

Kate Axthelm , Brady, senior

Elle Ravenscroft, Cody-Kilgore, junior

Alexis Zimmer, Anselmo-Merna, senior

Gracie Wenzel, Arthur County, junior

Brianna Glendy, Twin Loup, senior


Second team

MaShayla Burnett, Anselmo-Merna, senior

Hadlee Safranek, Anselmo-Merna, sophomore

Madison Jones, Mullen, senior

Taylor Conroy, South Loup, senior

Kaylee Kruml, Twin Loup, senior

Andrea Maldonado, Twin Loup, junior

Kylie Licking, Mullen, junior

Kirsten Myers, Anselmo-Merna, sophomore


Honorable mention

Trinity Christopherson, Brady, junior

Shaylee Oxford, Twin Loup, junior

Mya Weverka, South Loup, sophomore

Macy Brown, Twin Loup, senior

Jaide Chandler, Anselmo-Merna, sophomore

Megan Lusk, Brady, senior

Hayley Schied, Cody-Kilgore, senior

Calyn Laible, South Loup, junior

Hope Ottun, Twin Loup, senior

Jenna Schwanebeck, Hyannis, senior

Shaelyn Welch, Cody-Kilgore, junior

Alli Loughran, Mullen, sophomore

Madison Marten, Sandhills/Thedford, junior

Brea Banic, Sandhills/Thedford, sophomore

Alyson Nicholson, Sandhills Valley, senior

Rebekkah Draucker, Arthur County, senior

Jadyn Chasek, Mullen, senior

Landyn Cole, South Loup, junior

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