North Platte angler catches 32-pound bigmouth buffalo carp at Lake Maloney

Nathan Keck of North Platte with his master angler bigmouth buffalo carp.

Nathan Keck just had time to set one brake on his wheelchair when the bigmouth buffalo carp wheeled him around.

But the 38-year-old from North Platte eventually won the battle, pulling in the 32-pound, 8-inch fish after a 15- to 20-minute fight. It was 39 inches long.

"I was just packing up for the night and I threw my line in and thought it was snagged up," Keck said. "Next thing I know it took off, and I realized I had a fish on there."

Keck was shore fishing with a friend at the Lake Maloney inlet where he likes to chase after catfish and walleye.

Keck, who was born with spina bifida, usually fishes from the dock but he likes to move around the lake and this time he was sitting 3 to 4 feet from the shore. He was using a night crawler for bait.

"Good thing I have good brakes on the wheelchair," he said. "It was a good fight."

Keck didn’t realize what he’d caught until it was in the net. A camper in the area put the fish on ice for him and he and several friends had a fish dinner the next night. They were surprised at how good it tasted.

Keck says fishing is his favorite activity. He finds it relaxing.

He said catching the master angler fish was just luck.

"I was pretty happy," he said. "I was worn out."

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