NP boys and girls finish 2nd at Cozad Invitational

COZAD — The North Platte cross country team opened their season with promising results on Saturday at the Cozad Invitational.

Both the boys and girls teams finished as team runner-up out of 14 schools at Cozad Country Club. In total, the Bulldogs had 14 medalists between junior varsity and varsity.

"It was a great day on both sides, and I’m very happy about how the teams performed," North Platte head coach Jake Hasenauer said. "The kids all showed off the hard work that they put in over the summer and in these first four weeks of season."

Grand Island Northwest won the team title on the boys side, while McCook won the girls race.

Individually for the Bulldog boys, sophomore Evan Caudy was victorious, finishing in a time of 17 minutes, 20.7 seconds. North Platte senior Joel Bradley finished second, crossing the finish line in a time of 17:48.5. Junior Tom Moss came in 17th, junior Jonah San Miguel was 21st and junior Aaron Granz was 26th for the Bulldogs.

Freshman Zarah Blaesi led the North Platte girls with a third-place finish, clocking in at 21:07.1. St. Pat’s sophomore Kate Stienike was seventh, North Platte freshman Nelia Rivas was eighth and St. Pat’s junior Genna Blakey was ninth. The Lady Irish finished fourth as a team.

Saturday’s result marked the first time the North Platte boys finished in the top two since 2009.

"This was a great start to the year and showed there are no limits when the kids work hard and believe in themselves," Hasenauer said.

Boys team results

1, GINW, 39. 2, North Platte, 41. 3, Hastings, 51. 4, Sidney, 65. 5, Milford, 84. 6, Broken Bow, 113. 7, McCook, 113. 8, Holdrege, 126. 9, Cozad, 161. 10, Ogallala, 189. 11, St. Pat’s, 194. 12, Kearney, 214.


Boys individual results

(Top 15)

1, Evan Caudy, North Platte, 17:20.7. 2, Joel Bradley, North Platte, 17:48.5. 3, Daniel Bashtovoi, Sidney, 17:53.3. 4, Trevor Fisher, GINW, 17:55.0. 5, Gabriel Estrada, Cozad. 17:55.8. 6, Bryant Fulmer, Holdrege, 18:00.7, 7, John Campbell, GINW, 18:07.0. 8, Landon Eckhardt, Hastings, 18:07.1. 9, Jonathan Lopez, Hastings, 18:13.5. 10, Brandon Tucker, McCook, 18:17.6. 11, Lane Russell, Broken Bow, 18:17.9. 12, Cameron Brauer, Sidney, 18:17.9. 13, Colby Hayes, GINW, 18:20.8. 14, Aaron Ochsner, Hastings, 18:21.3. 15, Caleb Harb, GINW, 18:25.6.


Girls team results

1, McCook, 32. 2, North Platte, 41. 3, Hastings, 64. 4, St. Pat’s, 74. 5, Milford, 79. 6, Kearney, 95. 7, GINW, 122. 8, Sidney, 122. 9, Ogallala, 144. 10, Maxwell, 181. 11, Broken Bow, 206. 12, South Loup, 224.


Girls individual results

(Top 15)

1, Chelsey Espinosa, Hastings, 20:38.5. 2, Miah Huppens, Ogallala, 21:03.6. 3, Zarah Blaesi, North Platte, 21:07.1. 4, Mallory Applegate, Cozad, 21:23.2. 5, Kenzie Hurlbert, Holdrege, 21:32.1. 6, Samantha Rodewald, McCook, 21:45.1. 7, Kate Steinike, St, Pat’s, 21:59.2. 8, Nelia Rivas, North Platte, 21:59.8. 9, Genna Blakely, St. Pat’s, 22:10.6. 10, Elsi Rodewald, McCook, 22:16.7. 11, Grace Cappel, McCook, 22:19.7. 12, Alexis Hoatson, North Platte, 22:22.7. 13, Shawna Wilkinson, McCook, 22:23.4. 14, Karyn Burkholder, Cozad, 22:28.1. 15, Hayley Miles, St. Pat’s, 22:29.8.

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