Robert J. Williams' hunting days may be over. 

On supervised release from prison on child pornography charges, Williams admitted to police that he was "on the hunt" for children to sexually assault when he and another man approached three girls in central Omaha on a Saturday in May 2019. 

All three girls — ranging in age from 5 to 15 — got away from two men who were approaching them along Blondo Street near 69th Street. In one case, a man in dark clothing ran after a 15-year-old girl on her bike for two blocks, while Williams followed in a nearby car. The girl got away. 

The men approached two other girls —  a 5-year-old playing in her yard and a young teen at a nearby convenience store. They also narrowly escaped harm. 

Omaha police caught up with them after at least some of their crimes were caught on surveillance camera. Williams acknowledged to police that the plan was to get the girls in the car and sexually assault them. 

As a result, Robert J. Williams, 35, pleaded no contest this week to five felonies: first-degree sexual assault, attempted first-degree sexual assault, kidnapping, attempted kidnapping and conspiracy to commit sexual assault.

He faces up to 190 years in prison when he is sentenced in May. A second Omaha man, Antonio D. Johnson, 33, is undergoing psychiatric evaluations to see if he is competent to stand trial. 

In the course of their investigation, Omaha police identified a fourth victim — the only victim to actually be sexually assaulted by Williams, prosecutor Molly Keane said. Unlike the other girls, the girl, who is younger than 12, was not picked randomly, Keane said. 

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said the plea should ensure that Williams can't harm another child. 

"In his own words, he said he was 'on the hunt,'" Kleine said. "He is the kind of person who should never have the opportunity to do something like this again." 

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