Laviska Shenault

Colorado wide receiver Laviska Shenault torched Nebraska last year in the Huskers' loss to the Buffs. 

LINCOLN — There are knowns about this Colorado team. 

Nebraska is extremely familiar with one of them. That's wide receiver Laviska Shenault, who caught 10 passes for 177 yards and the game-winning touchdown against the Huskers last season. 

"It's Where's Waldo, right?" NU defensive coordinator Erik Chinander said Tuesday. "We always have to know where that cat's at. And just because you know where he's at doesn't mean you know what's about to go on." 

But Nebraska's also preparing for a Shenault and Colorado offense in a new system under first-year coach Mel Tucker. Because of that, Chinander said, you can't glean too much off of last season's 33-28 loss. Or even, really, Colorado's first game against Colorado State. 

"The one fear is you don't know exactly what they're gonna do, you've got one game of work," Chinander said. "I think their personnel is a concern, and then not knowing what to get ready for is the second concern."

Nebraska is, however, coming off a strong defensive performance, causing five turnovers and scoring 14 points in the 35-21 win over South Alabama

Chinander said he was happy with the turnovers, but his unit probably should've stopped the Jaguars one more time. 

"I didn't think the communication was good enough, I didn't think our eyes were good enough when people were moving around," Chinander said. 

More from practice: 

» Center Cam Jurgens spoke to the media for the first time. The redshirt freshman said all the mistakes he made in game one — particularly the high snaps — are correctable. 

» Left tackle Brenden Jaimes said the offensive line didn't feel proud of Saturday's effort, and they've attacked this week of practice differently. The mistakes up front were generally caused when four guys did the right thing, and one guy did the wrong thing, he said. 

» Jovan Dewitt's 4-year-old daughter made cupcakes with pink frosting for the punt return unit to celebrate JD Spielman's 76-yard punt return touchdown. Safety Marquel Dismuke was given an extra cupcake after declining to blow up a defender on a block, which would've been a penalty and negated the play. 

» Dewitt said he was pleased with the punt placement of Isaac Armstrong, and called walk-on freshman Dylan Jorgensen's first game at kicker "average." He shanked the 31-yard field goal attempt, but was pretty good on kickoff placements, Dewitt said. 

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